I'm a firm believer that it’s not just what you do; it’s how you do it.

A Bi-Partisan Commitment

I don’t believe the word compromise is a dirty word. It’s certainly not a four-letter word. If I have the honor of representing my neighbors in Congress, I will put my name only on bills that have sponsors from both parties. It’s time to put an end to ‘my way or the highway’ politics and make bi-partisanship the hallmark of getting things done. I also want to be a part of reforming how Congress works to encourage more consensus driven government, lessen dependence on the obscene amount of money in politics from corporations and special interests, and  dial down the partisanship that is destroying our communities, our country and our Constitution.


Standing by America’s Farmers

American farmers are literally feeding the world — selling products in markets across the globe. I agree that no one should take advantage of America or American workers, but the current tariff war is hurting agriculture across the country and across District 11. Farmers face enough pressures; we need to stop the gamesmanship and give farmers the open markets and stability they need.


Making Health Care Affordable  

Everyone deserves health care: our veterans, our seniors, our children, and our neighbors.  What worries both employers and their employees is the never ending increase in the cost of health insurance. That must be addressed. But we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  No insurance company has the right to deny coverage to anyone for a pre-existing condition. We can’t fix the cost problem without addressing the number of uninsured. My priorities in Congress will focus on lowering prescription drug prices — by promoting generics and giving Medicare the power to negotiate discounts. And I’ll work across the aisle to ensure rural Texans have access to the providers they need.


Let’s not Make West Texas a Dumping Ground

What brings oil companies and environmentalists together?  The idea of dumping high-level nuclear waste in our own backyard. Politicians say it’s “temporary,” but temporary can mean over 100 years or forever. Once nuclear waste is here, what reason will there be to move it? Rural Texas faces challenges there’s no doubt, poverty and economic development among them. But we need an economic plan that invests in our people and natural resources — not one that sacrifices them for generations to come.


I Work for You

Congressional District 11 encompasses 29 counties. This seat belongs to you, not to Washington, D.C., party bosses, or donors. I’ve been living here and working with you to solve all sorts of problems for almost thirty years. If elected, that won’t change. I will continue to be your neighbor. I live here and  will be coming back  here when my time of service is over.  I will have full-time staff in local field offices to ensure constituents with issues have a real person, their neighbor, working by their side to solve problems.


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