An immigration system for the 21st Century.

We don’t need more jails and detention facilities in this country, and we must not separate families or put children in cages.  What we need is an immigration system that fits our world in the 21st Century.  We should know who is coming in and who is leaving.  We need people who are here without official permission to come into compliance with our laws, and we need to create a way to make that happen.  We  should welcome and encourage and help those who want to come to the United States to build a better life for themselves.  


We must insist on strict enforcement of immigration laws, not because we do not want people moving to, and contributing to our country’s success.  We must enforce them to prevent coyotes, smugglers, gangs, government and unscrupulous business owners from taking advantage of them on both sides of the border.  But our laws should not be so draconian as to hurt the very people we are trying to help.  Asylum is a principle of international treaty and law.  It must be respected as such.  We cannot play games with the rule of law.


Like Ronald Reagan, I believe that those who have lived here for decades, and that are part of our community, and are our friends and neighbors must be given a way to come into compliance with the law, without uprooting their families and abandoning their  lives, property and investment in this country.  Dreamers should be offered a path to permanent residency and  citizenship.  We must create a realistic 21st century system for workers to travel easily between the United States and Mexico for work.  We should reduce the amount of time and cost it takes for someone to apply to come to the United States legally. This includes implementing a merit based visa system.  E-Verify should be mandated nationwide.  Fencing in high traffic, strategic locations, increased use of surveillance technology and investment in border and customs personnel will be less expensive, and  go much further toward securing the border than the dream of constructing  a continuous 2,000 mile long border wall.

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