Oil, gas, and climate change

We all want the same things.

Everyone wants clean air, clean water and a clean place in which to live. The oil and gas industry wants these things as well.  I reject as false the  idea that we must choose between supporting our energy industry and addressing climate change.   The oil and gas industry needs our support, not our condemnation.


The production of oil and natural gas fuels our nation and the world. Energy independence is a laudable goal, and it is worth pursuing.  Natural gas is the cleanest form of fossil fuel for power generation on a large scale that we have. It is not just going to go away or be replaced tomorrow.    Eliminating the use of fossil fuels in our world in the near future is not a proposal that is based in reality.  


The oil and gas sector has made tremendous strides in reducing emissions through improved technology and production methods.  More improvements are on the way.  We should invest in research and development, such as carbon capture technology, to further these efforts.  It is improved technology in the oil and gas sector while developing new, more efficient and low cost sources of green energy at the same time, that will help us reduce  carbon and methane emissions and heal our environment.  Banning fracking and other production techniques will not solve our environmental problems We need a vibrant and productive energy sector to develop the technology to make our world cleaner for all.  

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