You can stop reading now—

if all you want are soundbites or simple answers.

The world is complicated.  The many problems we face are complex.  Solving those problems is equally difficult.  There are no easy answers.  That is why you won't hear any from me.  If you want real conversation about hard issues, welcome.  Please read on.

Choosing what topics to write about on a website can be somewhat arbitrary.  The ones I have made part of my platform are the most important issues for our region as I see them.  It is neither intended to cover everything of interest to everyone, nor to be an exhaustive discussion. It is intended as a starting point for information about what my priorities would be in representing you in Congress.  The issues discussed on this site might not include one that is very important to you.  If it doesn't, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your most important issues face to face. 

Simply put, I am not interested in parroting what national politicians, pundits and political consultants (Democratic or Republican) tell us we should care about.  We know what our struggles and challenges are.  I have faith that we know better what we need from Washington than Washington does.

I am not running to talk about what Washington wants.  I am running to talk, and mostly listen, about the things that matter to you and me, right here at home.  

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