Our Most Important Issue

What is the future of our country?

The answer to that question depends on whether we can restore some measure of sanity and unity to our country, as well as mutual trust in each other and our political system.  If we cannot solve this problem, we will never be able to address our other problems.  If we, as free people, cannot disagree without hating each other, and cannot work together to find common solutions to our problems, what future is there for self-government?


That is why I am running.  I am not interested in political labels. I am interested in reality, in practical politics and pragmatic solutions. I am focused on the Common Folk, and am committed to restoring Common Sense and Common Decency to politics and government.  We must find the antidote to our poisonous politics.  We should start with the following:

  • A fair playing field for elections.

  • A House of Representatives that is more open and democratic.

  • A Congress that will perform its proper function in our system of checks and balances.

  • Creating conditions that encourage consensus driven decision-making.

To change the spirit of our politics will not happen as the result of one election, or a series of elections.  It will not depend on which party is in power or who is the President.  Our problem is with the system, not with a particular person or party.  It will take a long effort with not much to show for it for years but blood, sweat and tears.  It will take decades of commitment by all Americans.  If we are successful, it will be the triumph and legacy of our generation.

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