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Are you pro-life or pro-choice?   Yes.

As a man, I approach this subject with hesitation and great respect.  I would of course like to see the need for abortion be ended.  What person wouldn't?  But criminalizing abortion, or making its availability so limited and onerous that only the wealthy can avail themselves of it, is far worse and poses a greater health risk for women and cost to society. 


Reasonable regulations with the goal of balancing competing perspectives, and ensuring the health and safety of women, are necessary.  But the role of the government is limited, and it violates women's rights when it attempts to criminalize abortion and completely deprive women of a lawful and safe way to obtain one.  On this issue, I am very much a libertarian.  Government should not be the one making these sorts of very personal decisions. 

The Second Amendment and mass shootings

I am not going to give up my firearms, and I don't expect you to either. 


People buying and owning firearms does not bother me.  What troubles me is when people misuse them to randomly slaughter innocent men, women and children.  We need reasonable, effective procedures to  prevent people who should not have access to firearms from getting them—such as the Bipartisan Background Check Act.  The plague of violence and mass shootings is a multi-faceted problem.  It is not caused by firearms.  But a common sense approach to access and use of firearms will certainly be part of the solution.

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