Black Lives Matter

Why We Should Care about Black Lives

Do black lives matter? Black lives have not mattered in this land for longer that our country has existed.  The struggle to make black lives matter in this land has lasted just as long. When the first african slave stepped foot on Virginia soil, the fight to make black lives matter began.  As we have seen in recent events, black lives still do not matter.  I do not like to admit it, but the evidence leads me to no other conclusion.

 As a white person, why should I care whether black lives matter?  Why should you care whether black lives matter?  Because this fight is My fight.  This fight is Your fight.  Whether they understood it at the time or not, this is the fight that Our forefathers began.  It is the fight to live our lives in peace, and freedom without fear for our lives, our families or our property.

If our government, and our society continues to allow black lives to be snuffed out on the streets with impunity, no white person is safe.  If we continue to act like our laws  are race neutral, while allowing them to operate with a clear and obvious adverse impact on the black community, then the rule of law is a lie.  If we are not all equal before the law, none of us are. 

If we shy away from this fight now, everything we profess to hold sacred means nothing—not faith, not family, not the Constitution, not freedom itself.  If that holds true, black people are still enslaved, and unconsciously or not, white America believes we are still their masters.  In a sense race is irrelevant now.  This is a matter of justice.  At long last we must finish the task of Reconstruction.  White people, supporting our black brothers and sisters, are the only ones who can make this happen.

How do we win this fight?  We win it by white America putting as much effort and energy into making black lives matter as it did in oppressing and destroying them.

          As your Congressman, I want us to take concrete steps to make black lives matter.  If for no other reason, we should do this out of our own self-interest because these steps will help create bring a more just society for all Americans.  For example we should:

  • Abolish mandatory criminal sentencing guidelines in federal court.

  • Grant Defendants the right to have their punishment determined by a jury in federal court.

  • Do away with private prisons and detainment centers. 

  • Begin serious consideration of slavery reparations. 

These are important steps that along with local and state reforms would have both a short term and long term positive impact on black lives and our country as a whole.

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