Agriculture of Tomorrow

Maintain Tradition Embrace Innovation

I am not a farmer or a rancher, and I do not pretend to be.  But like everyone else, I eat.  The success of agriculture is the success of the country, and our world.  It is our future.  We have lost sight of that.  Supporting agriculture and farmers and ranchers is more than just words.  It is about more than the Farm Bill.  It is about creating the conditions in which farmers and ranchers can do what they love and still make a profit and a living.  It is about creating the conditions for success and growth in the industry, attracting young talent, opening new markets and encouraging innovation in this global economy.

I am learning more every day about how Congress has failed the agriculture industry for decades.  I would like your thoughts on what needs to be done to turn this plow around.  Here are a few ideas I support:

  • End the tariff war and allow producers to sell their products on a free and open market, and expand access to domestic and foreign markets.

  • Create Family Farm Development Centers similar to the Small Business Development Centers with resources, grants and loan programs to encourage new people to go into farming and ranching,  and provide  resources and planning to help them succeed.

  • Modernize and simplify the agriculture regulatory framework and grant regulatory agencies greater discretion to waive, amend or adjust requirements at the local level.

  • Expand opportunities for direct sales to consumers of agricultural products.

  • Aggressive antitrust enforcement  to end market concentration and dominance by large corporations. Concentration of power and wealth is bad policy for democracy and for American farmers and ranchers.

  • Create a rural broadband network that covers every corner of rural America.

  • Invest in our rural hospitals, healthcare, schools and highways so that rural America has the infrastructure to not just survive, but thrive.

I welcome discussion on these and other ideas to improve the economy and life of farmers and ranchers, not only in Texas, but across the United States.

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