Affordable Healthcare

We have an affordability problem.

I do not trust large, all encompassing, one size fits all solutions to difficult problems.  Too often they turn out to make things worse, not better.  That is why I do not support a government run single payer system or Medicare for All.  I support fixing the Affordable Care Act and making it better. This includes making sure providers cannot exclude anyone from coverage because of a preexisting condition. I believe an incremental approach toward making sure everyone can get the treatment they need, without fear of financial ruin and bankruptcy is a much better option than one giant all encompassing solution. I support ideas like:


  • Creating a non-profit public option that allows people to buy coverage through Medicare or Medicaid.

  • Amending the Affordable Care Act to proved greater flexibility in the type of plans that people can choose from.

  • Allowing interstate competition for the purchase of private health insurance.

  • Change our system to focus insurance and Medicare  reimbursements on quality of care and outcomes, rather than volume or type of service.

  • Addressing the shortage of health professionals in rural areas.

  • Addressing the shortage of psychiatrists in rural and non-urban areas.

  • Strengthen Medicare to provide incentives for getting the best quality health care at the best price and expanding coverage for dental, vision and hearing under Medicare.

  • A refundable tax credit to offset long-term care costs and reducing the costs of long-term care insurance.

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for the price of medications, the same as any private insurer.

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