Being a writer, or any sort of artist, is often a solitary experience. Yet for it to be more than a past time or a hobby, art has to be shared.  I have experimented with various methods to share my written work and have settled on this one, a single website where I can gather all my writing passably fit to publish. You have to write a lot of really bad stuff to write anything good, so there is likely a lot of bad stuff here. But I hope one or two things may be worth your time.

I use a blog format with titles and type of work as categories.  When I submit a serial work by blog it will be so noted and you should be able to follow along they are posted.  In some cases you may be reading chapters of a work in progress.  Works may be revised and edited over time as I go back to the work.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoy.

                                                                                           Jon Mark Hogg